Mupid® One Electrophoresis System, Advance

The Mupid®-One is a CE labeled electrophoresis system for agarose gels. The electrophoresis tank is directly connected to the included Smart Power supply.
The device is really compact and is delivered with multiple accessories.

Legal Information
Mupid® is a registered trademark of Advance Co., ltd

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Electrophoresis Cell
Overall dimensions 183mm(W)×59mm(H)×162mm(L)
Material PPHOX
Solution volume Approx. 270-320 ml(includes gel tray and gel)
Multi-sample Multichannel-pipette compatible
Safety Lid
Overall dimensions 197mm(W)×38mm(H)×170mm(L)
Power Supply
Overall dimensions 75mm(W)×62mm(H)×170mm(L)
Weight 410g
Input voltage AC100~240V、AC50/60Hz
Output voltage
Constant peak voltage of 140V and duty control
Timer Can be set between 0 and 99 min. and continuous
mode Temporary shutdown supported
Memory function Automatic memory (the last used V & T)
Gel Tray
Gel Tray – S 130mm(W)×16.5mm(H)×59.5mm(L)
Gel Tray – L 130mm(W)×24mm(H)×122mm(L)
Quantity Gel Tray – S : 2 ,  Gel Tray – L : 1
Material Heat Resistance Materials
Multiple number of wells 13 or 26 wells
(13wells: 9mm spacing 26wells: 4.5mm spacing)
Quantity 4
Material Heat Resistance Materials
Gelmaker Stand
Overall dimensions 149mm(W)×20mm(H)×125mm(L)
Material Heat Registance Materials