CCP5 series, Low Temp Circulating Chiller, -15°C-Room Temp., Dlab

• PID temperature control with built-in PT1000 sensor provides high accuracy of temperature control
• LED display shows the set or actual temperature clearly
• Short circuit protection, over-current/overload protection, and delayed start protection
• Integrated design of drain outlet and coolant circulation outlet for convenient operation
• German-made pump that is environment-friendly, quiet and durable
• The compressor employs state-of-the-art R290 environmentfriendly refrigerant to protect environment and human health



Model CCP5-15 CCP5-20
Range of temperature control -15℃-Room temperature -20℃-Room temperature
Temperature adjustment accuracy 0.1°C 0.1°C
Temperature control accuracy ±1.0℃(-20°C ~0°C typical value
±0.5℃(0°C ~20°C typical value
±1.0℃(-20°C ~0°C typical value)
±0.5℃(0°C ~20°C typical value)
Reservoir capacity 5L 5L
Range of temperature adjustment -30°C~30°C -30°C~30°C
Temperature display LED LED
Type of temperature sensor PT1000 PT1000
Compressor refrigerant R290 R290
Circulating pump throughput 12L/min 12L/min
Circulating pump head 6m 6m
In-out cycle interface 12mm pagoda-type interface 12mm pagoda-type interface
RS232 interface Yes Yes
Machine power 350W 700W
Maximum overall dimensions 370ⅹ420ⅹ730(mm) with caster 440ⅹ460ⅹ730(mm) with caster
Weight 46kg 50kg
Power supply 220V 50Hz/60Hz 220V 50Hz/60Hz, 110V 50Hz/60Hz
Operating environment 10~40°C, RH<80% 10~40°C, RH<80%

Cooling Capacity


CCP-15 °C -15 -10 -6.7 -5 0 5 7.2
W 381 460 520 553 661 786 847
CCP-20 °C -20 -13 -10 0 10 14 20
W 607 668 694 785 883 924 989