FW30, Electric Overhead Stirrer, Fluko

• Reliable structure for excellent performance, offering continuous operation over hundred of hours
• Two Speed Range for universal use from60-2000rpm
• Powerful mechanical mixing, stirring up to 100000CP Viscosity
• Speed and torque adjustment with automatic torque compensation
• Constant speed output
• LED Display
• Suitable for mixing liquids of varying viscosity in the laboratory.

Refer here for the optional Stirrer Shafts

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Model FW30
Motor Power 120W
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Working capacity (H₂O) 50-20000ml
Maximum working viscosity 10000CP
Speed range Level I 60~500rpm
Level II 240~2000rpm
Speed display Four figure LCD display
Maximum shaft torque 150Ncm
Medium-contact material SS316L
Overheat protection Yes(70℃)
Standard dispersing agitator Four-blade agitator
Permissible temperature range 5-40℃
Permissible humidity range 80%
Agitator fixation Drill chuck
Clench diameter range 0.5-10mm
Work frame, stand base Standard
Process type Batch processing
Overall dimensions 375×198×728
Weight ~9kg