Galaxy 330, Rocker

Features :
◆ Four digital displays
◆ Multi-counting average
◆ Exclusive BACK button
◆ Suitable for Petri-dishes in various diameters
◆ Pressure sensor design

4 digit display offers convenience of showing the present and previous three count values.
Galaxy 330 can make average count from multiple counting.
The BACK button covers the convenience of deducting data when over counting.
Galaxy 330’s adjustable dish holder can accept most Petri-dishes in a wide range of diameters from 90 to 150 mm or 60 mm.
Pressure sensor design can allow user to operate with any marking pens. No worry about sample spoiled or contaminated.


Legal Information
Galaxy 330 is a registered trademark of Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd

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Display 3-digit (0-999) LED display, 4 panels
Magnification 2~3 X
Petri dish diameter 60 mm, 90-150 mm adjustable
Memory 100
Average Yes
Zero reset Yes
Count back Yes
Illumination LED (adjustable)
Pressure sensitivity Adjustable
Acoustical counting signal Adjustable
Output USB
Dimension (LxWxH) 35.1×30.2x37cm
Net weight 5.6 kg