Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Filter 0.45µm, MS

PTFE membrane is laminated with a great variety of fabric and paper. They can be applied to an extensive industries including pharmacy, biochemistry, microelectronic, lab material and etc. Directly and indirectly related to pharmacy, brewing, manufacture of pure water and special need water beverage and dairy, chemical reagent, biochemical reagent, air filtration of fermentation tank , etc.



Product No Material Pore Size (µm) Diameter Sterile Wettability Surface Max Operating Temperature
MFPTFE013045L PTFE 0.45 13 No Hydrophilic White 130
MFPTFE025045L PTFE 0.45 25 No Hydrophilic White 130
MFPTFE047045L PTFE 0.45 47 No Hydrophilic White 130
MFPTFE090045L PTFE 0.45 90 No Hydrophilic White 130