Bottle, Amber, Glass, neutral glass, Isolab

►Manufactured from neutral glass with thick walls and crush-resistant corners.
►Ideal for safe storage and transportation of liquids and powders.
►Thick wall, heavy base and reinforced rim prevent breakage during washing and transportation.
►A large bottle neck provides easy filling and pouring. Unique design of the neck prevents drops and spillage.
►Caps are made from polypropylene with large ridges for fast closure.
►Cap inner design with polypropylene washer ensures hermetical and leak-proof closure.
►Amber bottles prevents UV light penetration into the bottle protects sensitive samples.

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Product No Volume Neck Size Bottle Diameter Bottle Height
061.11.050 50ml 32mm 44mm 75mm 
061.11.100 100ml 40mm 50mm  93mm
061.11.250 250ml 55mm 70mm 113mm 
061.11.500 500ml 55mm 85mm 154mm 
061.11.901 1000ml 68mm 104mm  181mm