Class A Volumetric Flask, Clear, Glass, Isolab

► Manufactured from heat resistant borosilicate 3.3 glass according to DIN EN ISO 1042 standard.
►Calibrated according to DIN/ISO Class “A” Standard.
►Individual calibration carried out by automatic robots eliminate possible deviations from nominal values.
►Conformity mark and batch number printed on the body surface. Batch certificate can be downloaded from ISOLAB Website.
►Diamond grinded meniscus ring mark offers longer persistance
►Blue colored meniscus ring mark enables easy observation of meniscus level.
►Inscriptions on the bodies are printed with blue enamel color
►Supplied with leak-proof P.E Stopper

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Product No Description Appoximate Height Tolerance Neck Inner Diameter
013.01.005 5ml, NS10/19 70mm  ±0.025ml  10.00mm
013.01.010 10ml, NS10/19 90mm  ±0.025ml  10.00mm
013.01.020 20ml, NS10/19 110mm  ±0.040ml  10.00mm
013.01.025 25ml, NS10/19 110mm  ±0.040ml  10.00mm
013.01.026 25ml, NS12/21 110mm  ±0.060ml  12.50mm
013.01.050 50ml, NS12/21 140mm  ±0.060ml  12.50mm
013.01.051 50ml, NS14/23 140mm  ±0.060ml  14.50mm
013.01.100 100ml, NS12/21 170mm  ±0.100ml  12.50mm
013.01.101 100ml, NS14/23 170mm  ±0.100ml  14.50mm
013.01.150 150ml, NS14/23 200mm  ±0.150ml  14.50mm
013.01.200 200ml, NS14/23 210mm  ±0.150ml  14.50mm
013.01.250 250ml, NS14/23 230mm  ±0.150ml  14.50mm
013.01.300 300ml, NS14/23 230mm  ±0.200ml  14.50mm
013.01.400 400ml, NS19/26 245mm  ±0.200ml  18.80mm
013.01.500 500ml, NS19/26 260mm  ±0.250ml  18.80mm
013.01.901 1000ml, NS24/29 300mm  ±0.400ml  24.00mm
013.01.902 2000ml, NS29/32 370mm  ±0.600ml  29.20mm
013.01.905 5000ml, NS34/35 475mm  ±1.200ml  34.50mm
013.01.910 10000ml, NS45/40 575mm ±2.000ml  45.00mm