Kartell Magnetic Stirrer Non electric

Magnetic Stirrer, Non-electric, Kartell

Kartell 203
Ø126.5 x 61.3h (mm)
outlet tube 3.4mm, inlet tube 13.20mm.
Made of Polypropylene and ABS, the unique stirrer is operated either by water pressure between 1 and 2.5kg/cm2 (15 to 40 psi) or by air pressure.
No electric supply is needed thus eliminating heat, shock, and explosion hazard. The corrosion proof all-plastic construction.
IT can be used on the bench or clamped to a stand with 12mm (1/2″) diameter. the product is supplied with tubes.

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Product No Dimension (mm) Outlet Tube (mm) Inlet Tube (mm)
203 Ø128.5 x 61.3h 3.4 13.2