LABOPORT® Diaphragm Vacuum Pump N810.3FT.18, KNF

100% oil-free transfer – thereby pure transferring,
evacuation and compression of gases
• High level of vapor and condensate compatibility
• TFM™ PTFE pump head and PTFE-coated diaphragm
are ideal for extremely aggressive/corrosive
gases and vapors
• Environmentally friendly
• High level of gas tightness

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Equipment

Legal Information
LABOPORT® is a registered trademark of KNF Neuberger Inc.


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Product No Delivery Ultimate Vacuum Operating Pressure Weight Pump Head Diaphragm Valves
KNF-N810.3FT.18 10L/min 8mbar abs 1 bar g 6.9kg PTFE PTFE-Coated FFPM
KNF-N840.3FT.18 34L/min 8mbar abs 1 bar g 12.6kg PTFE PTFE-coated FFPM