MX-E, Vortex Mixer Dlab

• For small amount of sample mix
• Touch operation
• Fixed speed: 3000rpm
• Small and beautiful
• DC brushless motor, stable performance
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Model MX-E
Power supply [VAC] 100-240
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power [W] 12
Mixing motion Orbital
Revolving diameter [mm] 4.8
Motor rating output[W] 10
Rotational speed [rpm] 3000
Operating mode Inching
External dimension [mm] 133×133×80
Dimension of packing box [mm] 250×185×130
Weight [kg] 0.6
Allowable environment temperature [°C] 5-40
Permissible Ambient Temperature ≤80%RH
Protection class IP21

Overhead Stirrer
Product Name Description
MX-E Economic Vortex Mixer


Accessories of Vortex Mixer
Product No Product Name Description
18900044 VT1.2 Tube holding rod used with tube adapters
18900035 VT1.3 Universal top plate Ø 100mm
18900020 VT1.3.1 tube adapter for 48 holes test tubes, Ø6mm
18900021 VT1.3.2 tube adapter for 15 holes test tubes, Ø10mm
18900022 VT1.3.3 tube adapter for 16 holes test tubes, Ø12mm
18900023 VT1.3.4 tube adapter for 8 holes test tubes, Ø16mm
18900024 VT1.3.5 tube adapter for 8 holes test tubes, Ø20mm
18900043 VT1.3.6 Platform pad for <Ø99mm tubes and small vessels
18900158 VT1.3.7 vacuum chuck made of rubber