Poly Sep™ Polypropylene (PP) Membrane

GVS polypropylene membrane filters are composed of pure polypropylene with absolute pore size ratings. These filters offer broad chemical compatibility allowing its use with aqueous and organic solvent samples.
The polypropylene filter has extremely low extractable levels designed to provide accurate, consistent analysis results for sensitive ion chromatography applications while prolonging column life. GVS polypropylene filter is the preferred filter membrane for HPLC applications where the detection levels are below 230 nm. The filters also exhibit negligible protein binding which, is essential for maximum sample recovery of critical, small volume protein samples.



Product No Description Pore Size (µm) Dimension (mm) Grade Hydrophobic
1214239 Polypropylene (PP) Membrane disk diam. 47 mm, PP 0.22 µm 0.22 47 Plain No
1212380 Polypropylene (PP) Membrane disk diam. 47 mm, PP 0.45 µm 0.45 47 Plain No