Safevac, Vacuum Aspirator, DLAB

•  Vacuum power can be set to different levels to achieve 1mL/S to 15mL/ S aspiration speed
•   Sensitive level sensor to prevent liquid overflow during operation
•   Fully autoclavable waste collection bottle, tubing and handle
•   Lid, tubing and handle are easy for disassembling, cleaning and autoclaving
•   Wide range of adapters to fit tube, microplate and disk plate for various tasks
•   Interchangeable hand operator -tip adapters make it suitable for various tasks from single channel to 8-channel based on the applications in tube, micro plate, disk plate etc.

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Specifications SAFEVAC 
Vacuum range 0-600mbar
Aspirating speed 1-15mL/S
Autoclave Component tube; waste bottle;
operation handle;
Dimension[W×D×H] 180×240×450mm
Weight 3kg
Input voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Bottle Volume 4L