Small Vertical Shaker Incubator, Being

Widely used in cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemistry and cell tissue research with high temperature and concussion frequency. It can culture microbial cells and various type of bacteria in static and movement, especially suitable for laboratory pilot production.

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Product No & SpecificationFeatures

Model BSI-9 BSI-9C BSI-30 BSI-30C
Power supplies AC220V 50HZ AC220V 50HZ AC220V 50HZ AC220V 50HZ
Shake frequency 40~300rpm 40~300rpm 40~300rpm 40~300rpm
Amplitude 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm
Control temp. range RT+5~65°C 4~65°C RT+5~65°C 4~65°C
Temp. resolution 0.1°C 0.1°C 0.1°C 0.1°C
Timer range 0~99 h 59min 0~99 h 59min 0~99 h 59min 0~99 h 59min
Shelves size (mm) 400×340 400×340 500×350 500×350
Overall size W×D×H
635×714×1055 635×714×1055 725×720×1150 725×720×1150
Rated power 750W 950W 1100W 1300W


Model capacity BSI-9
50 ml 29 37
100 ml 18 22
250 ml 11 14
500 ml 7 10
1000 ml 4 6
2000 ml
Quality guaranty
● User’s set parameters can be stored automatically when power off suddenly, and it resume last program settings when power on.
● PID microcomputer control temp. and shake frequency with timer.
● Compressor and cycle fan etc key components are reliable suppliers, environmental non-free refrigerants
Uninterrupted performance guaranty
● Brushless DC motor, large start torque, wide speed adjustment, free maintenance.
Protection on instruments: Comply international standard secondary temp. limiter alarm system, alert the operator with sound and light alarms, ensure operator is safe without any accident.
Protection on key components: Key components have over current, over temp., over load etc safety protection, it can prevent instruments accidents without precautions.
Protection on samples: Working chamber temperature higher or lower the set temp., alarm starter cut down the heater, alert the operator with sound and light alarms.
Protection on operator: Cabinet and door is special designed for insulation, low heat of cabinet body, ensure operator use instrument without burnt.
Breakdown message provided: When the instrument breakdown, the breakdown messages show on the screen to help operator easily check.Three-eccentric axis balance drive
● Three-eccentric axis balance drive ensures all samples in the shaker platform movements at the same rotation frequency. Durable structure guarantees the shaker incubator can work properly no matter full load or high speed working.Multi-segment programmable control
● Multi-segment temp., speed, time program at the same time. It has normal mode or programmable mode for running. Preset parameter and work data can be shown at the same time. It simplified complicated culture requirements and realize auto control and run.Feature extension(Option)
● CO2 concentration monitor and control
● Lighting control(Stimulate the nature growth environment)
● Humidity monitor and control