Vacuum Pump for Being Vacuum Oven, Being

The vacuum oven maintains a certain degree of vacuum in the tank, lowers the boiling point, and can also be supplied with an inert gas. It is specially designed for the heat-sensitive, easy-decomposing and drying of easily oxidizable substances. It has a fast drying speed, low pollution and will not be dried, are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics and other industries.

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Product No & SpecificationFeatures
Suitable for Vacuum oven model Capacity(L) Degree of vacuum Vacuum pump model Type Flow of Vacuum pump Time
BV-20 24 133Pa VRD-8 two-stage pump 2L/S 1 min
BV-50 51 133Pa VRD-8 two-stage pump 2L/S 1 min
BV-90 91 133Pa VRD-16 two-stage pump 4L/S 2 min
BV-120 125 133Pa VRD-16 two-stage pump 4L/S 3 min
BV-210 216 133Pa VRD-24 two-stage pump 6L/S 4 min


Low noise, high efficiency
● Two-stage vacuum pump control technology with lower noise, higher vacuum, higher pumping efficiency, for BV series ,The vacuum drying time is around 2-4 mins.

Clean and reliable
● Double anti-return oil structure to more reliably protect the vacuum system from oil pollution after shutdown.
● It adopts imported German oil seal and seals with fluororubber material to improve corrosion resistance and prevent oil leakage.
● Adopting the aviation technology bushing treatment process, the life of the exhaust valve piece reaches 10 billion times.
● It adopts high-quality materials such as vacuum pump oil imported from Japan, which makes the operation more reliable and has a longer service life.