Looped Logic

Absolute Lab Safety: Safety Cabinets, Waste Storage Cans, Emergency Showers & Eye Wash


Throughout the industrial fields, how many safety cabinets live up to their names? Dealing with segregation and controlling of hazardous materials, professional devotion is the key. Profession is only manifested by the essence rather than the form. Looped Logic, an intelligent professional in industrial safety, committed to the development of safety storage series, continuously proves to be a reliable choice for safety with artistic quality in essence. With FM approved for Single and Dual door steel storage cabinets as well as GTS BS EN 14470-1:2004 for Safety cabinet – flammable liquid storage. 

Looped Logic is accredited with the CE certification approved by the German authority. All the tests were carried out in accordance with EN14470-1 standard. The certification along with the rigid test report with authoritative technical data assures product liability and customer safety.



Safety is sealed with solid, 1.2mm, heavy duty double
wall steel with 38mm insulating air space.
The heavy galvanized shelf of better corrosion resistance, with
a high weight load of 175kg, is outstanding in the industry.
Multilingual (English/French/Spanish/Arabic/Japanese/
Chinese) safety label is made of quality reflective material,
with 50m visual range at night.
Unique design of flush top reduces dirt collection and makes easy cleaning. Upon release doors shuts automatically. Mechanism is concealed in the top layer provides obstruction free
access to shelf space. Fusible link holds door open during use. In case of fire, fusible link melts at
74°C to automatically close the door.


Looped Logic Safety Cabinets comes in different ranges for different usage:

Safety Cabinet for Flammables

Safety Cabinet for Corrosive

Other Safety Cabinets

Waste Storage Cans

Emergency Showers and Eye wash

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