-40°C Low Temp Freezer, Being

Low-Temp Freezer for used to store biological products, reagents, vaccines, etc.; suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital, disease prevention, electronics, chemical industry, R&D, Institution, and
food industry.


Product No & SpecificationFeatures
Model BDW-40L260 BDW40L320
Temperature Range (°C) -30 ~ -40 -30 ~ -40
Nominal Capacity (L) 263 322
External Dimension (mm) WxDxH 673 x 676 x 1630 673 x 676 x 1886
Internal Dimension (mm) WxDxH 508 x 455 x 1137 508 x 455 x 1393
Door Dimension (mm) 508 x 1137 508 x 1393
Door Dimension (mm) 508 x 1137 508 x 1393
Insulation Thickness (mm) 80 80
Exterior Finishing White plastic coated galvanised steel White plastic coated galvanised steel
Internal Finishing White plastic coated galvanised steel White plastic coated galvanised steel
Inner Doors 4 5
Shelves 3 4
Levels 4 5
Mechanical Lock Yes Yes
Battery Yes Yes
Interior chamber temperature probe Yes Yes
Gasket Heating Yes Yes
Controller Type Digital Digital
Refrigerant Type Non HCFC Non HCFC
Voltage Frequency ((V / Hz) AC220/50 AC220/50
Weight (Kg) 98.5 113
Power Failure Alarm Yes Yes
Temperature sensor failure alarm Yes Yes
High / Low temperature alarm Yes Yes
Door open alarm Yes Yes
Temp. Resolution (°C) 0.1 0.1
Temp. Uniformity (°C) ≤ 6 ≤ 6
Cooling time (h) ≤4.1 ≤4.1

Cooling System
• Stable and consistent internal temperature with quick recovery speed after opening and closing of doors
• Temperature range: -30 ° C ~ -40 ° C
• 80mm thick polyurethane foam insulation
• Insulated by the form layer, effectively avoid corrosion and ensure heat exchange effect
• Specially designed finned condenser circuit for high efficiency
• Independent inner door minimizes the leakage of cold air when opening the door, ensuring uniform temperature inside the cabinet

• Magnetic sealing door closes automatically to ensure better cooling performance and operational reliability
• Controller settings protected with password to protect the operating parameters
• Sturdy overall frame structure ensures durability
• Inner and outer surface sprayed with antibacterial powder
• Refrigeration system uses highly efficient and environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerants
• The controller is equipped with a rechargeable backup battery, which can display alarms and cabinets when the main power supply is cut off. Main information such as temperature
• Built-in mechanical lock to ensure the safety of stored items
• Equipped with two movable and locked universal casters
• The safety mode can be operated automatically in the event of a temperature sensor failure, ensuring safe storage of items in the box

Temperature control and safety monitoring
• Control accuracy: 0.1 ° C
• Alarm: buzzer and flashing light
• Temperature digital display
• High and low temperature alarm
• Opened door alarm
• Power failure alarm
• Records date, time, maximum and minimum temperatures
• Built-in temperature alarm and monitoring of the microprocessor controller
• The controller displays real-time temperature and alarm codes for easy use

Convenient operation
• Standard test holes on the right side of the cabinet to facilitate the use
of external test tools
• Casters wheels to ease maneuvering
• Door frame can be heated to avoid condensation
• Adjustable shelf height
• Dip-treated shelf can effectively prevent rust and corrosion
• Buzzer alarm can be set to mute if required
• Backup battery is charged when the refrigerator is working normally
• Monitor the operating status of the refrigerator as well as storing and
displaying the corresponding data in real time on the controller