Genie R Lab Water System, RO, RephiLe

Two-in-one integrated system. Quality of ultrapure water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards. The system is manufactured in an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified manufacturing site.



Product NoSpecificationDownloadApplicationFeatures
Product No. Description
RG0R01000K Genie R 12 System Set
RG0R02000K Genie R 24 System Set
RG0R03000K Genie R 32 System Set
Set Included System includes:

  1. Main system
  2. Control Console
  3. RO membrane(s)
  4. Genie Cleaning Pack
 Feed Water Requirement  
 Feed Water Conductivity / TDS  <2000 μS/cm / <1000ppm
 Operating temperature  5~45 ℃
 Feed Water Pressure  1 – 6 kg/cm2  (15 – 90 psi)
 Product Water Quality  
 Flow Rate  12, 24, 32 L/hr
 Dispenser Rate  0 – 2 L/min
 Conductivity (@25°C)  Typically <20μS/cm (feed water <2000 μS/cm)
 Ultrapure Water  
 Dispenser Rate   0 – 2 L/min
 Resistivity (@25°C)  18.2 MΩ·cm
 TOC*  <5 ppb
 Particles ( > 0.2 μm)**  No Particles with size > 0.22 μm
Microorganisms***  < 0.1 cfu/ml
 Pyrogens (endotoxins)****  < 0.001 Eu/ml 
 RNAse****    < 0.5 pg/ml 
 DNAse****  < 10 pg/ml
 Main System: Length x Depth x Height 32cm x 44cm x 54cm
 Dispenser: Length x Depth x Height 21cm x 29cm x 61cm

* Product water quality may vary due to local feed water conditions.
** with a 0.2 μm final filter
*** with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter
**** with a RephiBio filter

With Ultrapure Water

• HPLC mobile phase preparation

• Preparation of reagent blank solutions

• As sample diluent for GC, HPLC, ICP-MS, AA and 
other analytical techniques

• Preparation of buffers and culture media for 
mammalian cell culture

• Preparation of molecular biology reagents, etc.

With RO Water

• Glassware cleaning

• Washing machine for glassware

• Water bath water

• Autoclave

• Feed water for laboratory animals

Wireless communication amongst components providing unlimited possibilities

RFID tracking of consumables and RO membranes to ensure optimal system performance

Stable RO permeability over a wide range of water temperatures

Choices of final filters to remove specific contaminants

Tank water level displayed from the continuous liquid level sensor of the storage tank

Automatic system shut-off upon detection of any water leakage

Optional tank circulation mode to keep the water quality stable in the tank