Class B Measuring Cylinder, Tall form, Glass, Isolab

►Manufactured from heat resistant, durable borosilicate glass according to DIN/ISO Class “B” standard.
►These cylinders are supplied with an interchangeable polypropylene base.
►Thick and durable polypropylene base reduces the risk of breakage during use and cleaning.
►Base perfectly fits the cylinder body and can easily be dismantled.
►Flawless spout design assures pouring without any drips.
►Inscriptions on the cylinder body are printed with white enamel.

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Product No Description
016.07.010 10ml
016.07.025 25ml
016.07.050 50ml
016.07.100 100ml
016.07.250 250ml
016.07.500 500ml
016.07.901 1000ml