Class AS Pipette, Volumetric, Glass, Isolab

►Manufactured from neutral tubing according to ISO 648 and DIN 12687 (for volumetric pipettes) ISO 835 and DIN 12699 (for graduated pipettes)standards.
►Calibrated according to DIN/ISO Class “AS” standard.
Individual calibration carried out by automatic robots eliminate possible deviations from nominal values.
►Conformity mark and batch number printed on the body surface. Batch certificate can be downloaded from ISOLAB website.
►Carefully formed and bevelled tips ensure proper flow rate.
►Color coded ring marks at suction stem allows fast identification and sourcing.
►Inscriptions and nominal values are printed with blue enamel.




Product No Description
021.05.001 1ml
021.05.002 2ml
021.05.003 3ml
021.05.004 4ml
021.05.005 5ml
021.05.010 10ml
021.05.011 11ml
021.05.015 15ml
021.05.020 20ml
021.05.025 25ml
021.05.050 50ml