Neutral Glass Bottle, Narrow and Wide, Isolab

►Manufactured from neutral glass with thick walls and amber color,
►Amber bottles prevent UV light penetration into the bottle and protect sensitive samples
►Specially recommended for safe storage and transportation of liquids, powder, and pastes
►Thick wall, heavy base and reinforced rim prevent breakage during washing and transportation
►Bottle neck provide easy filling and pouring of samples
►Caps made of Polyethylene with large ridge for fast closure.
►GL45 caps are featured with PTFE protective insert.



Product No Volume Recommended for Neck Size Bottle Ø x H Cap Specification
061.47.050 50mL for powders GL 40 50x78mm w/o PTFE insert
061.47.125 125mL for powders GL40 55x109mm w/o PTFE insert
061.47.250 250mL for powders GL60 69x130mm w/o PTFE insert
061.47.500 500mL for powders GL60 82x172mm w/o PTFE insert
061.47.901 1000mL for powders GL60 100x210mm w/o PTFE insert
061.46.901 1000mL for liquids GL45 100x222mm with PTFE insert
061.46.902 2500mL for liquids GL45 140x300mm with PTFE insert