4th Singapore Inorganic Chemistry Symposium (SICS-2018)

4th Singapore Inorganic Chemistry Symposium (SICS-2018)

The 4th Singapore Inorganic Chemistry Symposium one day event was hosted at NTU (Nanyang Technology University) on the 27th July 2018. HCS is glad to be a part of the event where an exciting combination of seminars from graduates and guest lectures from world-renowned inorganic chemists.

As one of the leading suppliers to aid the requirement of researches, HCS was able to communicate with the graduates and researchers to find out and understand more about their researches in order to attend to their research and analysis requirements.

HCS firmly believes in the importance of building a trustworthy business relationship with all our partners and to achieve customer satisfaction and expectation with our value-added solutions.

Special thanks to Asst Prof Felipe GARCIA for inviting HCS to be part of the event.

Date: 27th of July 2018 (Friday)

Venue: MAS Atrium @Nanyang Technological University (NTU)