Genie PURIST Lab Water System, Ultrapure, RephiLe

Genie PURIST ultrapure water system produces Type I ultrapure water from RO, distilled or deionized water. The system is manufactured in an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified manufacturing site.



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Product No. Description
RG0S00000K   Genie PURIST System Set
RG0S000T0K  Genie PURIST System Set, with TOC
Set Included System includes:

  1. Main system
  2. Control Console
  3. One Dispenser 1
  4. UV preinstalled
  5. Two cartridges and a final filter


 Feed Water Requirement  
 Feed Water  EDI Water, RO Water, Distilled Water, Deionized Water
 Operating temperature  5~45 ℃
 Feed Water Pressure   0 – 1 kg/cm2  (0 – 15 psi) 
 Product Water Quality  
 Flow Rate   0 – 2 L/min
 Resistivity (@25℃ )  18.2 MΩ·cm
 TOC Level**  < 5 ppb
 Particles ( > 0.2 μm)***  No Particles with size > 0.22 μm
 Microorganisms****   0.1 cfu/ml
 Pyrogens (endotoxins)*****  < 0.001 Eu/ml
 RNases*****  < 0.5 pg/ml
 DNases*****  < 10 pg/ml
 Main System: Length x Depth x Height 30cm x 48cm x 51cm
 Dispenser: Length x Depth x Height 21cm x 29cm x 61cm

* It’s recommended to use a pressure regulator if feed water pressure is above 15 psi (1 bar)
** When TOC Level of feed water is < 50 ppb
*** with a 0.2 μm final filter
**** with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter
***** with a RephiBio filter

With Ultrapure Water

• HPLC mobile phase preparation

• Preparation of reagent blank solutions

• As sample diluent for GC, HPLC, ICP-MS, AA and other analytical techniques

• Preparation of buffers and culture media for mammalian cell culture

• Preparation of molecular biology reagents, etc.

Wireless communication amongst components providing unlimited possibilities

RFID tracking of consumables and accessories to ensure optimal system performance

On-line TOC based on complete oxidation methodology

A full range of cartridges for various applications including ultra-low TOC, low Mg, low boron, ICP and DI type

Eliminating bacteria and reducing TOC to trace level by a dual wavelength UV lamp

Choices of final filters to remove specific contaminants

A universal water level sensor to prevent the system from pumping air

An optional automatic system shut-off upon detection of any water leakage