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Quality without compromise — 3M™ Sample Collection, Preparation & Processing

Better testing begins with better samples — and better samples are obtained when you use the best collection tools. 3M™ Sample Collection provides quality products designed specifically for microbial surface sampling. Make environmental testing and product sampling easy and convenient with the full line of 3M products.

Easy to use for product sampling and environmental testing
  • Exceptional convenience and quality
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reliable and accurate, time after time
  • Improved consistency from technician to technician and plant to plant


Choosing a sampling sponge

When determining which sampling sponge to use, it’s important to consider certain factors in your testing process.

Bacteria – Release of bacteria from the swab/sponge for quantitative measure. Subsequent cultivation Cellulose and polyurethane sponges are proven to be equivalent for sampling environmental surfaces*ƚ.

Biocide – Biocide-free cellulose sponge maintains viability for a wide range of organisms. Listeria can be maintained for up to 72 hours of refrigeration*.

Environment – Cellulose sponges are made from renewable biomass. Polyurethane sponges are made from petroleum byproducts through a reaction of polyols, diisocyanates, catalysts and additives.

Strength – 3M cellulose sponges are tested to withstand scrubbing on multiple surfaces.

Consistency – 3M sponges made with cellulose raw material are sorted during inspection to ensure consistency of chemical and mechanical properties from batch to batch*.

Temperature – Letheen is stable at ambient storage temperature for up to 2 months*. Neutralizing buffer is stable at ambient storage temperature*.

*Internal 3M data • ƚExternal data

See how cellulose compares with polyurethane sponges (pdf, 153kb)

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