HCSVP040 Vacuum Pump

Gas-Tight and oil free vacuum pump.
The HCSVP040 is suitable to use with Vacuum Desiccator, Water Filtration, Distillation. With the valve system implemented to be tolerant of water vapor & condensates. The compact design makes it easy for relocation and easy integration of components.

►130°C auto shut down, Overheating prevention to ensure overall lifetime of equipment
►Internal cooling to ensure long usage

The HCSVP040CR is the corrosive resistant version  of HCSVP040, with PTFE on interaction surface.

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Product No HCSVP040 HCSVP040CR (Orange)
Evacuation Speed 30L/Min 30L/Min
Vacuum >/=0.08Mpa
Pressure >/=30psi >/=30psi
Motor Power 160W 160W
Noise Level <50dB <50dB
Weight 8KG 8KG
Dimensions L210 x B160 x H235 L210 x B160 x H235
Corrosion Resistant No Yes