pH Strips for Hospital Use

These pH strips and papers provide assurance to clinical staff that the tests being carried are reliable and consistent. Johnson Test Papers Strips for Hospital Use bear a CE mark for in-vitro-diagnostics 98/79/EWG and are approved and validated for use in a clinical environment.

All three products below are indicated to measure the pH before feed or medication to confirm if the nasogastric tube has been accurately positioned. The aspirate drawn up from the nasogastric tube needs to be acidic before administration of feed or medication can commence.



Product Code Product Name pH Range Graduation
181.1 Wine pH Strips pH 2.8 – 4.4 2.8-3.2-3.6-4.0-4.4
182.1 Beer pH Strips pH 4.6 – 6.2 4.6-5.0-5.4-5.8-6.2