Compact, Safety Cabinet for Corrosives, Looped Logic

The Safety cabinets for corrosives, along with the safety cabinets for flammables, have the same standardized framework, same high quality material and sophisticated craftwork. The epoxy coating of the cabinets withstands corrosion from acids and bases. Moreover, the polypropylene trays on top of the adjustable galvanized shelves, collecting unexpected leakage and spill, are harsh corrosion resistant.

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Product No Capacity (GL/L) Model Style Door No Max Dimension HxWxD (mm) No. of Shelves PP Tray Gross Weight (kg)
681212 12/45 Compact Manual 1 890x599x470 1 3 63
691212 12/45 Compact Self-Close 1 890x599x470 1 3 65
681512 15/57 Compact Manual 1 1118x599x470 1 2 70
691512 15/57 Compact Self-Close 1 1118x599x470 1 2 71