Bottle, ISO, Amber, Glass, borosilicate 3.3, Isolab

►Manufactured from heat resistant, durable borosilicate glass with thick walls and crush-resistant corners.
►Thick wall, heavy base and reinforced rim prevent breakage during washing and transportation.
►These impact resistant, excellently thermal stable bottles are autoclavable at 121°C. Caps should not be closed during autoclaving.
►Angled neck form allows unrestricted liquid flow out without leaving any residue at the bottle neck.
►Large GL 45 bottle neck provides easy filling and pouring. Unique design pouring ring prevents drops and spillage.
►Caps are made from polypropylene with large ridges with increased grip. Cap inner design ensures hermetical and leak-proof closure.
►Volume graduations on wall side offers better liquid level viewing and reproducible filling of the bottle without the need of a cylinder.
►Volume graduations and inscriptions are printed with white enamel.



Product No Description
061.02.100 100ml
061.02.250 250ml
061.02.500 500ml
061.02.901 1000ml
061.02.902 2000ml
061.02.903 3000ml
061.02.905 5000ml
061.02.910 10000ml
061.02.920 20000ml